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Interleaving: 21,110 push-ups and increasing productivity

Another departure from my First Friday Breakfast with an Author. After a few writing marathons and working on increasing productivity over diverse endeavors, I wanted to share my game plan and results. I’d love to hear your ideas too. But … Continue reading

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January First Friday Breakfast: Eating Bugs in 2016

No breakfast interview this month, but return here for the first Friday in February where I will be having a virtual meal with Laura Drake! Now that’s a wonderful coup for a Valentine’s month–especially if you love wonderfully quirky stories, Texas, … Continue reading

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Two years, three months ago, I wrote a post about doing pushups. Guess what?  I’m still doing them. Today I did my 18,070th pushup. Woo hoo! In the Eating Elephants post, I mentioned that I did tasks between sets like … Continue reading

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Basil in the Window, Rain on the Pane, a Seed of a Story

I had a good Sunday. It rained on our parched California dirt. While listening to drops hit the windows and patter on the concrete, I watched THE DISH, a favorite movie of mine, drank coffee, ate a biscuit, and thought about … Continue reading

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An Explosion of Eggplants

Most days for lunch, I make a Mediterranean sandwich in a dinner roll which includes baba ghanoush, olive tapenade, arugula, basil, balsamic and olive oil, and a roasted tomato.  I make my own baba ghanoush and it’s a delight to pick eggplants … Continue reading

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Caging the Wild Tomato

Although I’m a lazy gardener, I’m among the fruit trees, veggies, and lavender often—watering, weeding, and pruning in a haphazard manner. But that doesn’t explain how a two foot tall and two and a half foot wide tomato plant appeared … Continue reading

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Hummingbirds Among Wisteria

Earlier this week, I enjoyed a few days on Santa Catalina Island. We took the Catalina Express from Downtown Long Beach where we passed the Queen Mary and the empty Spruce Goose dome.  Beyond the breakwater, we sat on the … Continue reading

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