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Found Dead in Arugula Released Using Vellum

New Release! Found Dead in Arugula is live. First in a series about a Quaker gleaner turned private detective who lives in a garden town near Los Angeles. It’s designed to be short enough to eat over lunch and is … Continue reading

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Basil in the Window, Rain on the Pane, a Seed of a Story

I had a good Sunday. It rained on our parched California dirt. While listening to drops hit the windows and patter on the concrete, I watched THE DISH, a favorite movie of mine, drank coffee, ate a biscuit, and thought about … Continue reading

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The Liebster Award Nomination

My blog was recently nominated for The Liebster Award by the author of twomventures Michelle Murray: a friend from California, who now lives in Cambodia. Her blog is terrific with great posts like It’s Raining Tigers & Elephants.  You’ll feel like … Continue reading

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A Mindful Bowl of Buckwheat Groats

For breakfast, I usually have an egg, kraut, and a cup of fruit on top of arugula liberally doused with olive oil and dusted with pecan pieces.  Preparing breakfast means dashing to the garden for cilantro for the eggs, basil … Continue reading

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Lawyer’s Wig and Tippler’s Bane / Heroes and Villains

My brother and I are working on a mystery novel Fathers in the Moor about two foragers who sometimes provide security services to those in danger. This book mostly takes place on the Isle of Skye where I did some hiking … Continue reading

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