August 2017 First Friday Breakfast with Author Greta Boris

On the first Friday of August 2017, we are having breakfast with author Greta Boris.

Greta Boris is the author of the 2017 releases, A Margin of Lust and The Scent of Wrath, the first two books in her 7 Deadly Sins domestic suspense series. She’s also the Director of O.C. Writers, a community of over 800 published and aspiring authors in Orange County, California.

She’s published articles on culture, health, and entertainment for a variety of national magazines including Victorian Homes, Zombies, 50 Scariest Movies, Exodus, and Women of the Bible. She’s also the author of the Amazon Kindle Bestseller The Wine and Chocolate Workout – Sip, Savor, and Strengthen for a Healthier Life.

She describes her work (and her life) as an O.C. housewife meets Dante’s Inferno.

For this hot August breakfast, I’m having a green smoothie with power greens, broccoli, mango, flaxseed, and chia seeds. Iced green tea. Greta, what are you having?

Hi Michelle! This morning I’m having a cup of cafe au lait, a flaky spinach and cream cheese croissant, and a veggie omelet. I might have a little champagne to top things off if I’m not too full

I can so see you having this breakfast in Paris! So tell us about your writing process from concept to draft to revision.

Since my series is based on the 7 Deadly Sins, I usually begin my planning by exploring all the ways the particular sin I’m working on impacts people’s lives. For instance, in the first book, A Margin of Lust, I tackled what we most often think about, sexual lust. I thought about the effect it has on married couples, families, or children of straying parents first.

But lust isn’t only about sex. Lust, in my mind, is an insatiable craving for something, often something that becomes an obsession. Some people lust for power, or money, or prestige. I tried to show all those elements in the book.

Next I get some kind of plotting done. Sometimes I walk my dog and dictate emails to myself about things that might happen.

Once I have a loose outline, I begin writing. This is always a one step forward, two steps back process for me. Each book takes four or five major revisions before I send it to my editor. Then she comes up with a couple more!

Tell us about A Margin of Lust. Why did you decide to write this particular one?  

If you’re going to write a 7 Deadly Sins series, why not start with lust? It makes for an eye-catching cover. Also, to one degree or another, I’m moving down the circles of hell in Dante’s Inferno. Lust, believe it or not, is punished in the first circle and treated pretty sympathetically. Pride, on the other hand, is way at the bottom and will be my last book.

Since each of the stories has a different protagonist but takes place in the same world and shares many of the same characters, I wanted to start with a story that anchored the series. I feel Gwen and Art, the couple this book revolves around, are kind of the mama and papa of my world.

What did you find fun/intriguing about writing A Margin of Lust, and what was difficult?

The whole story grew from a single scene that’s now about three-quarters of the way through the book. That’s what I wrote first, and it just flowed. Filling in what came before turned out to be the most challenging thing. I wrote and discarded a number of plot lines before I settled on the published version.

It’s not easy to show a flawed character, which is necessary for this series, and still have her be likable. Gwen, in A Margin of Lust, is very ambitious. She doesn’t always make the kind of decisions you or I would approve of, but she still has to be sympathetic. That took a lot of rewriting.

Tell us about your next project and when it may be published.

The Scent of Wrath is the second book in the series, and it’s in its final revision phase. It will be out in December. I’ve also written a short story available as a free download on my website, June Gloom, set in Laguna Beach which is where A Margin of Lust is set. And, last but not least, I’m in the early writing phases of The Sanctity of Sloth, out next year.

Thank you for visiting with us, Greta.

Thanks for inviting me to breakfast.

Dear reader, I hope you check out her book. Let me pour us another virtual café au lait before you rush off to Amazon to purchase A Margin of LustI bought four copies!

Sign up for Greta’s News and Views and you’ll get June Gloom, a Deadly Short, as a free PDF, Mobi, or EPub file.

Learn more about Greta Boris at:


Amazon Author page:

You can order her books at your local bookstore or on Amazon by clicking: A Margin of Lust.

Happy reading!

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6 Responses to August 2017 First Friday Breakfast with Author Greta Boris

  1. gretaboris says:

    It was so much fun having breakfast with you!

  2. dayya says:

    Great interview! Love the idea and the clever titles in the series.

  3. Kristy says:

    Loved a Margin of Lust and can’t wait to read about sloth!

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