Morning Hikes: Prescott, AZ Discovery Trip Part Two

The dogs must be walked every day, a splendid excuse for a morning hike. In Prescott, Arizona that can mean dozens of rambling opportunities from your front door or within a short drive. Here are a few walks we did the third week in September 2016 and other gold Prescott nugggets.

Willow Lake Trail Hike

img_2725A small zoo is at the entrance and the park sprawls across the road from the Emory Riddle Aeronautical College. An archeology team is working two dig sites for pre-1200 AD Adobe huts and masonry pits at one end and we finished in the Dells at the other end. The hike was much easier than yesterday’s in the midst of the Dells at Watson Lake (where unfortunately I took no pictures), though this path was rife with midge swarms.

You can see Thumb Butte on the right side and the City of Prescott in the background.

Excellent information about the early natives around the digs. I hope to see the archeologists at work on my next visit, maybe even attend a tour or a talk. I understand those are available.

The zoo looked friendly too. Another fun outing I must plan for my next trip.

img_2748The Highlands Center for Natural History

Very fun trails in this pine forest, some are circular. I really felt like I was getting away from it all. Newly minted, the buildings were occupied early that morning, but few people on the trails. Rain was expected later, so everyone was checking the skies.

Please try this site to see what the Highlands Center has to offer.

No lie about the vistas and the vegetation! I took advantage of a memory bench to catch my breath. On a different note, a grounds worker stopped us to ask if we knew anything about snakes as he’d found one in their compost pile. We declined to examine it.

I will explore more here.

Peavine Trail

img_2809Part of the Prescott rails to trails program, the peavine trail head is located near the Humane Society. The six mile trail was originally built by the Santa Fe Railway in 1893.

We walked about fifteen minutes for an easy thirty minute walk total. Good information about the river environment. The walk takes you to Watson Lake. We saw pretty river views like this.

Good description of the hike at Peavine and Iron Trails.

After lunch, I filled my car at $1.86 per gallon at Frys. Popped into the Purple Cat bookstore and then over to Method coffee shop for maple lattes. The day never warmed past 64 degrees so the hot latte hit the spot.

At 3:00, we headed over to another spot near Watson Lake, the Dells in the background, for an American Indian Pow Wow. We stayed about an hour, long enough to enjoy a gourd dance, see native craft, and take fry bread home.

Yavapai College Walk

img_2826On the morning I left Prescott, we walked the dogs around the college. Redolent of pines and lovely architecture, this walk was very pleasant.Even though we walked at a good clip, I slowed to take pictures in the sculpture garden. How could you not?

After exhausting the dogs, we raced through a good-sized farmers market. I picked up some Lebanese bread. The produce looked wonderful, as did eggs, honey, and artesian soaps and candles.

I’ll do a last post about a zoo visit in Camp Verde and that will be my last share of my September discovery visit to Arizona.

Please let me know of your favorite spots and things to do in Prescott.

Trip report respectfully submitted by Michelle K

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