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FREE Book and Pre-Order EGRETS, I’VE HAD A FEW

To celebrate the release of my latest novella in the Deluded Detective Series Egrets, I’ve Had a Few, Amazon offers the enovella Jack fell Down FREE November 20-25. Here’s a description of the first book in the Deluded Detective series. No one will tell … Continue reading


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Out of Africa Zoo: Prescott, AZ Discovery Trip Part Three

This is my final post on my September Prescott, Arizona discovery trip. To be exact, the Out of Africa wild animal park is in Camp Verde, an hour’s drive from Prescott. I love the goals of the zoo workers and the animals at … Continue reading

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A Feast for NaNoWriMo 2016

Food plan alert. Mine is ready. Is yours? I’ve participated in how many NaNoWriMos? Nine, ten, eleven? The National Novel Writing Month in November is a writing signpost for me. My compass is somehow always tuned to it. If I’m not … Continue reading

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Morning Hikes: Prescott, AZ Discovery Trip Part Two

The dogs must be walked every day, a splendid excuse for a morning hike. In Prescott, Arizona that can mean dozens of rambling opportunities from your front door or within a short drive. Here are a few walks we did … Continue reading

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Getting There: Prescott, AZ Discovery Trip Part One

After the two women road trip adventure, I decided that I was up for a solo drive. On September 17, I jumped in my trusty 2011 Elantra, recently outfitted with new tires and shocks, and set my navigation system for the 450 … Continue reading

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