August 2016 First Friday Breakfast with Author Melissa Crismon

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00064]On the first Friday of August 2016 (okay, too excited to wait), we are having breakfast with author Melissa Crismon.

Melissa fell in love with the idea of writing a book when she read the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer. Soon after she took a job as a theatre reviewer and was compelled to write a book that has spiraled into a career. With a degree in music, her stories are often musically inspired. Melissa lives with her winsome sailor, little mermaid and rescued pets in sunny California.

She is the author of Superfreak. a MerSea novella.

For this hot late July breakfast, I’m having papaya and figs with feta.  Iced lavender green tea. Melissa, what are you having?

A scrambled egg from a local, vegetarian fed, cage-free chicken, vegan Field Roast sausage and Roastaroma herbal tea by Celestial Seasonings.

Hey, I’d eat that! So tell us about your writing process from concept to draft to revision.

A vision comes to mind and I rush to type or write in a composition book. Then I type some plot points. I go to my notebook to write ideas and thanks to Goal, Motivation, Conflict by Debra Dixon I make a chart for the hero and heroine with their personal GMCs. Back to my computer, I start a timeline and outline to refer to religiously.

Somewhere in there I write a synopsis. I’ll admit I find I write a better synopsis after the first draft is written. I write synopses at different stages of the game, but after I recently wrote one after my first draft I was able to see where the plot needed filling in. I do like to send out my synopsis to beta readers sometimes.

I also do a lot of research. I research before I write and I have a very bad habit of researching when I write. I’m curious. I highlight what needs researching to stop myself from researching while writing. After three drafts or more I send my manuscript to beta readers. I make changes with readers’ comments. Revisions are the worst. I think plotting and craft books have helped me to keep from nightmarish revisions. And I made changes to Superfreak even after the book had been edited. One of my beta readers said I had made a lot of changes. I think that is part of the process of art.

Tell us about the MerSea series.  Why this series, why now?  

Long story short I was working on a trilogy and it was episodic. From the advice of an editor I replotted the first book. I worked on the book for three or so years. That should have been an indicator I didn’t know what I was doing. But it was pure bliss to write to every whim.

I needed to prove to myself I could write a story. My family was watching Spiderman. As I saw Peter Parker transform from the spider bite I thought what if a girl on an anti-whaling ship is stung by a stingray and transforms into a mermaid. I’m a fan of the canceled reality show Whale Wars. I had no idea this book would be such a huge representation of my vegetarian, compassion toward animals lifestyle. This series is for animal lovers. And, hopefully I transform people into animal lovers.

Amen. This is why I love the novella. Its message and getting to be a mermaid! More tea, Melissa?

What did you find fun/intriguing about writing Superfreak, and what was difficult?

I love the fact I get to travel to Hobart, Australia to Antarctica and back to Dana Point, California in the story. Living on a ship is romantic to me, being surrounded by like-minded conservationists. Superfreak was far less painful than my last book that I rewrote and will publish later.

Tell us about your next project and when it may be published.

I have written the next book in the MerSea Series. The manuscript is still in the beginning stages of the process of being a finished product. The book will be a shorter novella. Superfreak is about a 38K novella. I have a working title for the second book in the series, but I don’t want to reveal the title yet.

Thank you for visiting with us, Melissa.

Dear reader, I hope you check out her book. Let me pour us another virtual cup of Roastaroma before you rush off to Amazon for your copy of Superfreak. I did!

Learn more about Melissa Crismon at:



Amazon Author page

You can order her books at your local bookstore or on Amazon by clicking: Superfreak

Happy reading!

About mlknowlden

In 2011, I left engineering to write full-time. Between the years 1992 and 2011, I’ve published 14 stories with Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine that have featured the hypochondriac detective Micky Cardex and two stories that did not. The 1998 story “No, Thank You, John” was nominated for a Shamus award. Many of these stories have been included in anthologies and translated in multiple languages. With Neal Shusterman, I’ve also published a science fiction story for the More Amazing Stories anthology (Tor) published in 1998 and co-authored with Neal Shusterman an X-Files Young Adult novel (DARK MATTER) for HarperCollins in 1999 under the name Easton Royce. For Simon & Schuster in July 2012, we published an e-novella UNSTRUNG in Neal's UNWIND world. I have graduate degrees in English and Electrical Engineering.
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