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Two years, three months ago, I wrote a post about doing pushups. Guess what?  I’m still doing them. Today I did my 18,070th pushup. Woo hoo! In the Eating Elephants post, I mentioned that I did tasks between sets like … Continue reading


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Dry Tomato Branches

I love thinning out a garden. I itch to deadhead roses, pull off crumbling leaves, and remove plants gone brittle. Hot weather persists, but the farm is not fooled. It creeps into autumn and many of the vegetable plants have passed … Continue reading

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Basil in the Window, Rain on the Pane, a Seed of a Story

I had a good Sunday. It rained on our parched California dirt. While listening to drops hit the windows and patter on the concrete, I watched THE DISH, a favorite movie of mine, drank coffee, ate a biscuit, and thought about … Continue reading

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October 2015 First Friday Breakfast with an Author

On the first Friday of October 2015, we are having breakfast with fantasy and mystery author Angela Myron. Angela Myron was born in Vancouver and grew up in Summerland, British Columbia. After studying biology at the University of Victoria, she moved to San Francisco and … Continue reading

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