Riddle in Bones: An Abishag’s Third Mystery is Now Available on Amazon

riddle in bones 3 copy-2On what would have been my dad’s 81st birthday, Amazon published my third long e-novella or short book in the Abishag mystery quartet. Riddle in Bones: An Abishag’s Third Mystery is now available for Kindle. I’d love to hear what you think. If you like it, please consider writing an Amazon review. As I often say: indie books live and die by those 5 star reviews.

Here’s the Book Description for Riddle in Bones:

Flush with funds from her last Abishag contract, 20-year-old Leslie Greene is sorting mule bones alongside a revered professor of physical anthropology and Sebastian, grandson of her first comatose husband. A shot rings out and her summer internship spins into a third Abishag marriage for Leslie.

Pressured by the agency, her ex-boyfriend, and her parents, Leslie takes on another nearly-dead husband this time in California’s Palm Desert. Someone shot Henry over an ancient love affair, a mysterious box of bones, or rivalry in the field. Leslie is determined to discover the truth and bring her husband peace in his last days.

Dealing with the trauma of the past year, the sweltering heat, and Sebastian’s hot French housekeeper, Leslie and Kat must solve a dangerous riddle in bones before the killer shoots again.

This short book might make the perfect (and inexpensive!) gift to celebrate Passover OR Easter OR Spring OR for those on your April (or belated March) birthday list(s).

Sinking Ships Cover with Eric's picturePublished December 2013, the first Abishag mystery, Sinking Ships, is doing great. The comments have warmed my heart.  I so appreciate the support.  Here is a praise blurb  from an Amazon review:

I was hooked right away with the Abishag concept in this lovely mystery. The fast plot, fun characters, and red herring twists were great. I wasn’t sure who or what had actually committed the murder until the end. Knowlden’s style of writing is comfortable and makes for an easy read. Leslie Greene is a likable character with room to grow–however, I do like the girl’s attitude about life in general and her take charge attitude on doing what it takes to pay the bills!  Jessica

Indelible Beats copy-001The second Abishag mystery, Indelible Beats (published February 2014), is collecting an audience. Here is recent praise for it in an Amazon Customer Review:

I couldn’t put down this delightful second novel in the Abishag Mysteries series. What ensues is a well crafted, clever, alternately serious, touching and sometimes humorous journey. We watch as Leslie develops feelings for this mortally ill stranger, and she and her friends discover and solve an art theft, forgery and murder. Marketed as a mystery, it is surely that, but it has subtle romantic elements as well. Loved the characters and story so much I’ve already purchased the first book. Carolina Valdez

I included these acknowledgements in Riddle in Bones.  My heartfelt gratitude goes to:

My Beta Readers: Kris Klopfenstein and Jeanine Gattas

Cover Artist: Bethany Barnette (bethybarnette@gmail.com)

I sure appreciate your support and hope you enjoy this new episode in the Abishag series. Check it out at Amazon by clicking on Riddle in Bones. If you haven’t read the other Abishag mystery yet and can’t wait to start,  click on Sinking Ships for the first one or Indelible Beats for the second or my Author’s page at Amazon.


About mlknowlden

In 2011, I left engineering to write full-time. Between the years 1992 and 2011, I’ve published 14 stories with Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine that have featured the hypochondriac detective Micky Cardex and two stories that did not. The 1998 story “No, Thank You, John” was nominated for a Shamus award. Many of these stories have been included in anthologies and translated in multiple languages. With Neal Shusterman, I’ve also published a science fiction story for the More Amazing Stories anthology (Tor) published in 1998 and co-authored with Neal Shusterman an X-Files Young Adult novel (DARK MATTER) for HarperCollins in 1999 under the name Easton Royce. For Simon & Schuster in July 2012, we published an e-novella UNSTRUNG in Neal's UNWIND world. I have graduate degrees in English and Electrical Engineering.
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  1. dayya says:

    Riddle in the Bones sounds wonderful! Just bought it! d:)

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